Why Join?

There are many free "question and answer" types of forums on the Internet. Why would you want to pay to be a member of one? Have you experienced any of these things on other Internet sites?

  • Your question sits unanswered
  • Your question is answered incorrectly and / or unhelpfully
  • You are mocked, abused or harassed by members of the site
  • You have waded through a bunch of spam, self-promotion and advertising
  • You have had to sort through a ton of duplicate content on the site
  • It is impossible to find the answers to questions on the site because there is no real apparent organization on the site

If you have experienced any of the previous issues, then welcome to a place where NONE of that stuff happens. It won't happen because your membership on this site enables me to actually invest the time to moderate and curate the site.

Still not sold? That's okay, just keep on doing whatever you were doing before you came across this site. We'll part as friends and maybe cross virtual paths somewhere else.